Welcome to the Jungle

Following on from our previous session our heroes have found themselves on an unknown island in the Southern Hemisphere. Having investigated a temple and nearly seeing off Brother Damphire in a strange fountain they decided to head out looking for civilization.

During this journey they finally discovered Damphire’s secret, he is a Cambrian (of course we already knew that). Now something I had forgotten about Cambrians is their ability to plane shift, thankfully one of players hadn’t.

So that is where we left it last week, we have a new player starting and I’ve created a Character Sheet for them as we are potentially looking at switching system, and we will be switching DM soon as well.

Next Session?

What are my plans for this weeks session then. My prep time has decreased further as I’m back studying with the Open University so I have fewer hours free.

But I’ve always been keen on Raymond E Feists books on Midkemia, and especially the ideas of a multiverse. So with that in mind I think our hapless team should travel briefly between worlds, where they will meet our new player, lost and confused.

Additionally as we are losing a player too I want to start to wrap some things up for him, his character is partly searching for his lost father.  It may be that he’s about to find him.


Image Courtesy of ElectroFervor https://flic.kr/p/3MThKD


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